Please excuse the pun, but Advocacy is our middle name! Wynona’s House is committed to not only prosecuting, treating and preventing child abuse and neglect. We are dedicated to advocacy and transforming systems and communities for fundamental change toward greater protection of all children who have suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and other forms of maltreatment such as the sexual exploitation of children for profit. Please become an advocate for children and join us in the fight to protect our children!

New Jersey State Legislature


Join Wynona’s House and ask your legislative representatives to support legislation for mandated funding for Child Advocacy Centers in New Jersey. This would ensure funding to promote justice and provide healing for child victims of abuse and neglect in Essex County and the entire state.
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National Children's Alliance


Wynona’s House supports the legislative priorities of the National Children’s Alliance. Click here to learn more!


New Jersey Children’s Alliance promotes hope, healing and justice for victims of child abuse throughout New Jersey by supporting Child Advocacy Centers with training, resources, advocacy, and leadership. We actively support and promote New Jersey’s 12 accredited Child Advocacy Centers (CACs), and is working toward the mission of ensuring that every child in the state has access to a CAC. In support of that mission, we have set the goal of having 21 CACs in New Jersey by 2021.

New Jersey Children’s Alliance is the New Jersey Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance (NCA). Click here to learn more!