Please excuse the pun, but Advocacy is our middle name! Wynona’s House is committed to not only prosecuting, treating and preventing child abuse and neglect. We are dedicated to advocacy and transforming systems and communities for fundamental change toward greater protection of all children who have suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and other forms of maltreatment such as the sexual exploitation of children for profit. Please become an advocate for children and join us in the fight to protect our children!

State of New Jersey

New Jersey

Join Wynona’s House and ask your legislative representatives to support legislation for mandated funding for Child Advocacy Centers in New Jersey. This would ensure funding to promote justice and provide healing for child victims of abuse and neglect in Essex County and the entire state.

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National Children's Alliance


Wynona’s House supports the following legislative priorities of the National Children’s Alliance:

The Victims of Child Abuse Act, first passed by Congress in 1990, specifically authorizes federal funding for the development of CACs, and for training and technical assistance of CACs and child abuse professionals. This law has been and continues to be the cornerstone for new CAC development and expansion and a catalyst for other federal, state, local and private funding sources. And, like most congressional statutes, the Victims of Child Abuse Act must periodically be reauthorized by Congress – to keep the bill and program funding current with congressional priorities.

Update on reauthorization: On August 8, 2014, President Obama signed the Victims of Child Abuse Act Reauthorization Act of 2013 into law. Public Law 113-163.

Thanks again to Senators Chris Coons (D-DE), Roy Blunt (R-MO), Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Mazie Hirono (D-HI), as well as Representatives Ted Poe (R-TX), Jim Costa (D-CA) and Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) for their support and leadership in reauthorizing the Victims of Child Abuse Act. In addition, we want to thank all of our friends and supporters that helped make this possible.

Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (S. 1738/H.R. 3530)

Last fall, Sens. Cornyn and Wyden and Reps. Poe and Maloney introduced the Justice for Trafficking Victims Act (HR 3530/S 1738). This bill would increase resources available to law enforcement, increase criminal penalties and expand services for victims of sex exploitation and other kinds of human trafficking. Most importantly for our purposes, the bill creates a grant program specifically for CACs to establish CSEC/child pornography programs at their centers. Click here to see a copy of the support letter for the JVTA.

Please help NCA’s efforts on behalf of this bill:
Please call or email your Members of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor.

Prospective House co-sponsors can contact Blair Bjellos with Rep. Poe at

Prospective Senate co-sponsors can contact Stephen Tausend with Sen. Cornyn at

On September 29, 2014, President Obama signed into law H.R. 4980, the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act, which aims to prevent child sex trafficking, increase adoptions and improve child support collections. The bipartisan agreement combines three bills previously approved by the House (H.R. 1896, H.R. 3205 and H.R. 4058) as well as three bills previously approved by the Senate Finance Committee (S.1876, S. 1877 and S. 1878.) The new bill includes numerous provisions that encourage states to reduce the incidence of sex trafficking among youth in foster care, empower and promote normalcy for foster youth, expedite the transition for more children from foster care into adoptive homes or the homes of relatives, and increase the amount of child support provided to families in which one parent resides outside of the U.S.

NCA joined in support of this bill and its previous iterations, and worked closely with bill sponsors to get this bill passed and signed into law. We want to thank Senators Ron Wyden and Orrin Hatch, and Representatives Dave Camp, Sander Levin, Dave Reichert and Lloyd Doggett for their continued leadership on this issue and their commitment to child abuse victims.

View HR 4058 letter of support

View HR 4980 letter of support

NCA also actively supports H.R. 3610, the Stop Exploitation Through Trafficking Act of 2014 and its companion Senate bill. This bill provides incentives to states to adopt Safe Harbor laws that treat trafficked minors as victims, rather than as criminals or delinquents. The bill also provides an avenue for victims to access job skills training so that they can begin to rebuild their lives. NCA supports H.R. 3610 and urges Congress to pass this critical legislation.

Introduced by Senator Toomey, the Protecting Students from Sexual and Violent Predators Act requires mandatory background checks for existing and prospective school employees, as well as require these background checks be periodically repeated. NCA supports this common-sense bill that provides yet another layer of protection for our children and communities.

You can help! Please call or email your Senators and ask them to co-sponsor. Prospective Senate co-sponsors can contact Senator Toomey's office to add their names in support at (202) 224-4254.