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Multi-Disciplinary Team Coordination Services
The core of any Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is the multi-disciplinary team (MDT). At Wynona’s House, the multi-disciplinary team includes representatives from the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P), The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office’s Sexual Violence Unit (ECPO), the Newark Beth Israel Center’s Metro Regional Diagnostic Treatment Center (RDTC), the Newark Police Department, and is facilitated by the Wynona’s House nonprofit intake and MDT coordinators

This team consists of social workers, law enforcement officials, detectives, county prosecutors, medical and mental health providers, victim advocates, and Wynona’s House nonprofit staff. Team members provide technical assistance, advice to each other both through formal means, such as case review meetings and informal conversations to support service delivery and one another as professionals. This heightened communication improves outcomes for each agency, and most importantly, for the children, ensuring that essential aspects of treatment are not missed.


“The Wynona’s House Family Advocacy Program (FAP) of Essex County provides education, support, referrals and crisis intervention to non-offending caregivers and victims of child physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

From providing crisis intervention and support to navigate the criminal justice and child welfare systems to helping caregivers identify resources, the Family Advocacy Program empowers caregivers to be the greatest advocate for their children.”

Services are free of charge.


Family Advocacy Volunteer Initiative (FAVI)

Family Advocacy Volunteer Initiative (FAVI) was launched in 2018 to build the organization’s capacity through a volunteer core. Family Advocate Volunteers (FAVs) play a vital role in supporting families and children who have experienced child abuse.

Family Advocate Volunteers will go through a rigorous training so that they are trained on topics of Dynamics of Abuse, Ethics, Special Education, Cyber-bullying and Vicarious trauma. Lastly, they will be supervised by the Coordinator, Thirjeet Matharu. You can reach out to her via phone (973) 753-1173 or

Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Program at Wynona’s House Child Advocacy center is geared
toward connecting families to safe resources and regaining familial strength. We can work toward these goals by participating in Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings to gauge where we can benefit the families most in their time of need, developing relationships and becoming a support system for those families affected by domestic violence, working with caregivers to develop safety plans, and serving as a liaison between the non-offending caregiver and community partners. We also follow up on referrals for mental health and medical treatment, so ensure our families are getting the assistant they require. We also assist in court support for families who may need support navigating the court systems. We can provide transportation for our families to help alleviate any stressors that may appear while our families are dealing with the trauma at-hand. All our practices are done in trauma informed practices, in order to make our families as comfortable as possible.

Healthcare Service Coordinator

The Healthcare Service Coordinator (HSC) identifies local, trauma informed, evidence-based service providers within the community for child victims of crime and their families. The HSC vets the organizations, negotiates and secures linkage agreements for Mental Health, medical, dental and vision providers and refers children to evidence- based programs to ensure that they receive the services they need to heal. The HSC maintains a resource director for referrals and coordinates referrals to community therapy programs for youth experiencing problematic sexual behaviors.

Supportive Services for Victims of Human Trafficking (HT)

  • The Family Advocate (FA) will make the first contact with families and educate them on the services WH provides
  • The FA will educate the families on HT issues
  • The FA will work with schools to provide Psychoeducation on HT
  • The FA will hold meetings with other agencies working with HT victims
  • The FA will conduct needs assessments with non-offending caregiver and their families
  • The FA will provide emergency services for at-risk clients
  • The FA will work with families to identify their immediate needs
  • The FA will provide case management services such as but limited to:

Medical care, clothing, mental health services, transportation, summer camp
There will also be temporary housing such as a hotel or shelter
• The FA will provide additional resources and referrals for clients and their families to our partners.
• Our priority is to make sure that victims are returned to their families.