November 14, 2022 Trainings and Workshops on Child Maltreatment

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“Child Safety in the Dawn of the Metaverse – Are We Ready for This New Frontier”

2022 Workshops & Trainings

Our vision for these trainings is to create a platform to raise awareness of the child abuse and neglect epidemic in our country. Our mission is to educate the community on the multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach and the innovative and effective best practices of Child Advocacy Centers (CAC’s). Our goal is that our children are supported, and that no victim is overlooked.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals dedicated to child welfare, including medical and mental health professionals, law enforcement professionals, social workers, educators, advocates, and child protection workers.

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November 14, 2022

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In person:
Montclair State University

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Doors Open

Opening Remarks, Dominic Prophete

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Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic

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Section 3 | Gina Cavallo

Gina Cavallo

Advocate, Author, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Consultant & Survivor of Sex Trafficking

“Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic”


“Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic” is an investigation into the world of online grooming and sextortion–a present-day reality for one in seven children online. By unsealing the federal case of a top-gun pilot with hundreds of victims, and interviewing survivors and their parents, this true-crime piece exposes an often-overlooked crime against children, the tactics of online predators, and the voices of parents and law enforcement poised to stop online child exploitation in its tracks. The film merges true crime with an empowering educational opportunity that provides families with essential ways to keep their children safe on the Internet. As parents themselves, the filmmakers experienced Sextortion in real time through one of their children’s classmates, and it inspired them to be the change they want to see in the world. With a rapidly moving running time of 85 minutes, you will be engaged and inspired to help save kids around the globe once you watch this documentary. Check out the films trailer here”.

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“Survivor of Sex Trafficking”


Gina Cavallo is a sought-after leader, speaker, and mentor in the anti-human trafficking movement and a passionate advocate for victims of human trafficking. She is the founder and executive director of the first survivor-led nonprofit organization, We RISE NJ, formerly Paying it Forward Foundation. Her commitment stems from her experience as a survivor of childhood sexual and physical abuse and of human trafficking. It is also rooted in her determination to ensure that no one else should endure the same trauma. As one of the first survivor leaders to address sex trafficking and exploitation in New Jersey, Gina’s repeated expert testimony to the NJ Legislature resulted in resources and guidelines that help prevent human trafficking, the legislative progression of a vacatur expansion bill, and a hotline posting bill. For her advocacy and education work, she serves as an active board member and consultant with the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Recently, Gina was appointed as a commissioner to the New Jersey Commission on Human Trafficking, and she is also a state certified advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. On the national level, she was recognized as the recipient of the 2020 National Liberators Awards for Survivor Leader.

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Panel Discussion

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Closing Remarks, Dominic Prophete, Wynona’s House C.E.O.

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please contact Minela Kajmak via email at or (973) 735-2237